A busy December 2016

Bristol Brunel Lions Club has once again had a busy December raising money for those in need. We took our Carol Float with Father Christmas on board several times around north Bristol. The residents were pleased to see us once again, with several remembering the joy they had had in earlier years when they were children. This is something we have done for many years. The children this year were as delighted as ever to see us as we braved the winter nights. Mind you, we did not have to be so brave this year as it has never been warmer for our collections.

We also spent two days just before Christmas collecting at TESCO in Golden Hill. Thanks very much to them for letting us collect there. Thanks very much also to the girls from Westbury-on-Trym Primary School who sang carols so beautifully.

Thanks to everyone who donated and to everyone who participated in the fund raising.

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