Traditionally Lion clubs worldwide, which first started over 100 years ago, have helped the blind. Since Bristol Brunel Lions Club formed we have sponsored two eye camps a year though Sightsavers.

We collect unwanted spectacles which are graded and sent to the third world where they can be used to help people who need them but cannot afford them. These glasses can provide instant restoration of sight for those with common refractive error conditions such as short- or long-sightedness. Something so simple is transformative for those individuals, enabling them to work and care for their families.

So far we have collected over 20,000 pairs. If you have any unwanted glasses please contact us to find your nearest collection point. We may also be able to collect from you directly. Brunel Lions are proud to be part of this amazing project that not only recycles “waste” but also restores the sight for so many. 


Message in a Bottle (MIAB)

What’s in your fridge?

More than likely you have all the usual items such as milk and butter. However many thousands of people now keep a small plastic bottle in their fridge that does not contain anything edible, but can be a lifesaver.

The Lions Message in a Bottle scheme ensures that important medical and personal information is available to the emergency services if they are called to your home. Members of the Message in a Bottle scheme place a bottle in their fridge containing medical information. Emergency services are trained to look for two stickers (one on the inside of your front door and the other on your fridge) which will alert them to the bottle and its potentially life saving content.

Bristol Brunel Lions in partnership with local councils, health services and the emergency services have now placed almost 20,000 bottles since the scheme started in 2005.

Why is the bottle kept in the fridge?

It’s quite simple, a fridge is often fairly quick to locate and if in the event of a fire, the fridge is the most fireproof place to keep this essential information.

How much does a bottle cost?

It’s FREE. All the costs are paid for by local Lions who fundraise to generate the money to offer this life saving service. If you wish to make a small contribution to the project you can do so on our Just Giving MIAB page. All the monies donated via this page go directly back into the Message in a Bottle project so that Lions all over the country can continue to offer this service.

Where can I get a bottle?

Some local health centres and doctor’s surgeries and chemists may have some. Or please contact us and we can help source a bottle for you.

Who knows about the bottle?

The scheme is supported by all the emergency services, all of whom are trained to look for the green stickers in your home.

Here’s a video which explains how the scheme works.



Youth, Environment and Community Projects

Bristol Brunel Lions Club have supported Lawrence Community Farm for several years. In 2018 we sponsored the purchase of a Pig for breeding so that the Farm can produce its own pork products that are sold to the public. This provides much needed income to ensure the future of the Farm.

In 2019 we are supporting the Chicken Breeding Program with the aim of selling eggs to the public. We’re egg-static to be part of this new phase of the Farm’s sustainability.

Support of the Farm by Bristol Brunel Lions is part of our ongoing commitment to both Environmental and Youth projects in our local community.


We have links with Avon Youth Club in Lawrence Weston. Bristol Brunel Lions offer much needed and valued financial support that helps with everyday running costs, resources and equipment.

Both clubs organise combined litter picks often starting at the Youth club and finishing at Lawrence Weston Community Farm.


Bristol Brunel Lions work with the Air Training Corps (ATC) 2442 Squadron, Westbury-on-Trym. The Squadron have provided Brunel Lions with additional collectors for their Carol Float for many years. The Lions give financial donations which pays for additional training and resources. In 2018 the Bristol Brunel Lions Club donation was used to pay for flight simulator training for several Cadets at Bristol airport, previously we have provided funds for the purchase of outdoor equipment and musical instruments.


Bristol Brunel Lions enjoy working with young people in our local community. We believe that the services provided by local community groups, such as Lawrence Weston Community Farm, Avon Youth Club and the Air Training Corps 2442 Squadron, for the local young people of the area is vital for their enjoyment, development and wellbeing.


Who we help

Bristol Brunel Lions are happy to help a wide range of people with varying needs, and like to support people in our local area with small grants. We welcome requests for assistance, preferably by email. Every request for help is carefully considered.

In order to receive a grant we need details of what the money is wanted for and who would benefit. We would like to know something about the accounts of the group seeking assistance. We rarely help people who wish to travel abroad even if the work they are going to do is very worthy and useful. Our foreign donations are processed through the International Association of Lions Clubs.

We also choose a small number of charities each year for larger grants. You will find a comprehensive list of the people we have helped recently here.

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