We welcome requests for assistance, preferably by e mail.

Every month we receive requests for funding from local charities. Every request for help is carefully considered. We are happy to help a wide range of people with varying needs.
We like to help the needy in this area with small grants. In order to receive a grant we need to be told details of what the money is wanted for and who would benefit. We would like to know something about the accounts of the group keeping assistance.

We rarely help people who wish to travel abroad even if the work they are going to do is very worthy and useful. Our foreign donations are processed through the International Association of Lions Clubs.

We also choose a small number of charities each year for larger grants. Last year, for example, we have made such donations to Hawkspring and have sponsored a Talking Book.

Recent smaller grants have been included Brain Tumour Support, Music Works, Southmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Cancer Research. Lions in UK Support for Homeless Sight Impaired & Limbless Service Personnel; the UK Special Olympics; Lions Clubs from all over UK help for the Italian Earthquake Disaster

You will find a comprehensive list of the people we have helped recently s here.


The Club support initiatives to promote the education and consideration of the environment.

Traditionally Lions worldwide have helped the blind and since we formed we have sponsored two eye camps a year though Sightsavers.

We collect unwanted spectacles which are graded and sent to the third world where they can be used to help people see need them but cannot afford them. So far we have collected over 20,000 pairs. If you have any unwanted specs then please Contact us to find your nearest collection point. We may also be able to collect.


We sponsor the “Message In A Bottle” campaign. It is important that rescue and medical services can quickly establish personal health details when giving emergency assistance to elderly or vulnerable people living alone. Plastic bottles containing these details are kept in participants’ fridges and a sticker at the front door tells assisters where the details can be found quickly. This is potentially life saving. Bottles are free so please use our Contact page to request one.

Lions have already distributed over 5 million bottles in the UK.



Our Bradley Stoke Branch Club has also been active in helping others. They gave valuable support to Abigail and Toby, children who suffered from Selective Dorsal Rhysotomy. Needing pioneering surgery in America, financial help was given as well as involving our fellow Lions in the States who gave help there and showed us wonderful hospitality.[/sixcol_two]