We support Hawkspring this year

With the money so generously donated by members of the public, Bristol Brunel Lions Club has supported lots of local charities over the years. Each year we name two local charities for particular support. One charity we have supported this Lionistic year 2016 to 2017 is Hawkspring.

Hawkspring works in Hartcliffe. It has a ‘whole family’ approach to drug and alcohol support services, enabling all members of a family to seek treatment from one source. Families play an important role in the recovery of the person misusing, so Hawkspring helps the individuals misusing drugs and/or alcohol and also helps their family members affected by the misuse. This includes helping young people affected by parental substance misuse.

We also contribute to the wider activities of the international Family of Lions clubs, notably helping those with eyesight problems. We support eye camps. We collect old spectacles and send them on to be distributed to those who need glasses in the third world but cannot afford them, thereby very economically making a real difference to people’s lives.

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