John T writes – I really felt for the Bristol Rotary and Round Table clubs when their planned firework display in Canford Park was cancelled last Saturday.  We know from experience that such public events – attracting up to10,000 people – takes a huge amount of effort to organise.  Red tape, risk assessments, security, health and safety, council liaison and ‘financials’ all take a lot of man-hours.  And then it rains, the event is cancelled and all their efforts come to nothing.


I remember another Rotary firework display event on the Downs about 4 years ago.  As a volunteer I, with others, arrived early to help – just as it started to rain.  And did it rain?  It poured a torrential downpour and I do not think that I have ever been so soaking wet. Every item of my clothing was saturated – yes even my Y fronts!


Apart from the obvious disappointment of no firework display for the paying public to enjoy the real losers are the potential recipients of donations made from the profits of the event. Lets hope that next year the weather will on your side.

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