Lion Rod Menhennet – A Pioneering Lion

Lion Bill writes –

Yesterday was a special day for Bristol Brunel Lions Club. Today, Lions past and present said goodbye to a very special Lion, Lion Rod Menhennet. I first met Rod almost 30 years ago when I became a member of Bristol Brunel Lions Club, he was then old enough to be my father and like a good father he taught me many things and occasionally advised me on the error of my ways. Rod and Nora did not have any children of their own, but took to the role of being Uncle and Aunty to all the children which we younger Lions had.

Rod was instrumental in forming many Lions Clubs throughout the South West so his legacy continues as all those clubs continue to carry out the great works Lions Clubs have become famous for over the past 96 years around the world and for the past 64 years in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Rod spent almost 50 years being a Lion, a very committed Lion.

Following Rod’s funeral service we joined with his family and friends to spend a few hours chatting about him, remembering the many things he brought to the club and generally celebrating a very special Lion’s life. We ate, drank and laughed in a way that reminded us of the many times we ate, drank and laughed in Rod’s home over the years with his wife Nora, great times spend with great people.

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