Another Great Day as a Lion

Lion Bill writes – Saturday 7th June started in brilliant sunshine at Bradley Stoke Festival with a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich before setting up our stalls for the day. This was the first outing of the year for our famous Flying Frog Game, always popular and great fun for all ages. It’s always amusing how the men think it is about hitting the frog launcher hard! Wrong thing to do, this game is about skill! With the game in full action and plenty of fellow club members in attendance it was time to leave for another event.

A trip to Carmarthen to help them celebrate the clubs 39th Anniversary. Why Carmarthen you may ask, quite simple really as one of their members John Mounty became a Lion by joining Bristol Brunel Lions before moving to Basingstoke, Swansea and now Carmarthen, each time transferring to the local Lions Club. Great food, good wine, fantastic company, stunning entertainment and a win on the raffle rounded of another great day as a Lion.

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