Caring at Christmas – Good to be Involved – A Great Succees

President Robin writes – Two Lions from Bradley Stoke Lions Club volunteered to work at Caring for Christmas over Christmas. It was a very rewarding experience to be able to help provide food and shelter to so many needy people at a time of year when some feel the loneliness of Christmas more deeply. The Centre opened from 23 December right through to the 1st January, offering 50 beds per night, 3 hot meals a day (4000 in all) and hot drinks and sandwiches 24 hours a day. Many who came were homeless, with their sole possessions in a couple of bags, others had their own places but came for a meal and some company. Both Brunel and Bradley Stoke Clubs had donated £100 each to the Centre as well as clothing and both were gratefully received. There was always a change of clothing available and a shower with toiletries and a clean towel for anyone who wanted it.

Two ladies were overheard greeting each other as one left and one came in “Hi there, how are you? Have you had a good Christmas?” “Yes, thanks. I was here” Sometimes an overheard comment is better than a thank you.

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