Fun At St Monicas

Lion Mary writes –

We had a great afternoon’s fun at the St Monica’s (Westbury Fields) Summer Fair last Friday.  We met many of the elder residents with their carers, family and friends.  Laughter and banter was heard everywhere and our Frog Game was a huge success.  What a sight to gladden the heart – people in wheelchairs whacking a mallet at some frogs – great fun.  It was so popular that that a queue formed to play the game!  There were frogs flying everywhere; one even landing in the gallery.


Margaret, a resident, spotted us in our tabards and explained that she had a long term association with Lions.  Apparently her husband was a member of Salisbury Club many years ago before women were allowed to join.  She was delighted to hear that things have changed for the better.


Tea and cakes were served and enjoyed by all.  There were gymnasts entertaining, clog dancing and a tai chi display as well as games and conversation.   It was good to see older people having fun and to join in ourselves.   Perhaps Bristol Brunel Lions brought a little extra to a very special summer fair.


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