Greetings From Australia

Great to have received the following email from Lion President Daryl Dedman of the Lions Club of Heathcote, Victoria, Australia:

You are probably wondering why a Lions club in Victoria, Australia is contacting you. I have a very good friend (not a Lion) who lives at Severn Beach. With myself being a Lion, and he having a lot of spare time (now retired from RR) he decided a few weeks ago to do some searching for Lions clubs around locally and of course came across your site. The Brunel part of the club name immediately drew my attention. I am a retired Locomotive Driver (37 years) and am very familiar with the name of Brunel and the part he played in establishing railways in the UK amongst other things.
I have had a look at your ‘new’ website and wondered if you have only recently started your website or has it been revamped? We have had our website up and running since July 2011, when I was appointed the Webmaster. You can view our site at
On viewing your site I noticed that you had a twin club in Gaeta, Italy and was wondering if you would be interested in a similar arrangement with our club. The Heathcote club was chartered on 25th March 1971 and currently has 35 members. Our website has a vast amount of club history on it together with member interviews, photo gallery and a Time Line since it was chartered. The club also runs a 17 unit retirement village in our small rural village.
Heathcote is located almost in the centre of Victoria, approx 110 km (69 miles) from Melbourne. The region has a population of around 3000.
I look forward to hearing from you and trust we can form a friendship.
Daryl Dedman
Club President
Lions Club of Heathcote
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